Why Hire Me?

Someone with experience is invaluable

I’ve written sales brochures for a property company, personal essays for mental health blogs, a history article for a car manufacturer, plus loads more! I know how to get into the right tone of voice to best connect and engage with the target audience, which makes all the difference when creating great content.

Lacking confidence in your writing shows

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they have never been creative, or that they could never write a blog post – and that’s perfectly fine! However, if you’re trying to create something that you want to be proud of, it’ll be tough to create something great if you feel like you don’t have the necessary skill set in the first place. That’s where I come in. I can help you create that awesome content for you to be glowing with pride!

An extra set of eyes always helps

Proof-reading your own work is tricky. Your sneaky mind knows exactly what point you were trying to get across, consequently making you read a sentence easily and without any spelling mistakes. Through working in a design agency, I have learnt to spot mistakes from the glaringly obvious to the discreet detail, ensuring that all work is spelt correctly, well structured, and generally a great read.

I’m quite lovely

I love to connect with people. I think reading and writing are fundamental to the good life.
If I can add something positive to somebody’s day, then I’ve accomplished something rather good. I’m a very nice, imaginative, humorous and modest person. I like to make a difference in what I do, whether that is helping someone with a small task or reaching a large audience with useful information.

Let’s get started.



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