5 Steps For Setting Up A Successful Blog

A recent client asked for a ghostwriting article regarding the setting up of a successful business blog. This is what I produced:

Blogs are big business nowadays, enabling everyone and anyone to drive more traffic to their website or even start a freelance career as a blogger. When starting a blog, there are several rules to abide by to ensure that your blog is of an excellent standard which will continue to draw in more readers overtime.

  1. Choose a niche

When first setting up your blog, think about what it is you want to write about and who you are writing it for. Are you a small business owner looking to drive additional traffic to your website? Are you part of the marketing department that wants to create more content for your customers? Are you interested in starting a freelance writing career? Work out why it is you are writing and brainstorm what topic your blog will be about.

  1. Keep it consistent

Once you have set up your website using any of the blogging platforms available, begin to plan your content. Each blog post should have a similar tone of voice, keep to your chosen blog niche, and be posted at regular times. Blogging schedules work very well when it comes to keeping your audience happy – they will know when your posts will be published and will eagerly await for them to appear in their inbox. By keeping to your chosen niche, you are also more likely to keep your audience interested. If your blogging niche was online marketing, you would not publish a poem about the colour red (unless there was some sort of hidden meaning that you went on the explain!).

  1. Use SEO techniques

For each blog post, you need to consider using SEO techniques within the text. This includes things like making sure that keywords are used regularly throughout the blog post, but not too much. Too many keywords can be as bad as too little, as some search engines pick up on this overuse and rank you lower in the search engine results than you could have been. Other things you can do are use alt tags within any images you use, include links to your previous content and use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts.

  1. Write SEO friendly blog titles

Alongside your excellent content, you need to recognise that your blog post titles are of equal importance. Blog titles are what draw your audience in, so remember to make them as interesting as possible without revealing each point you are making within the blog post itself. When it comes to SEO, your blog titles should reflect what your potential audience will be searching for in their search engines. These sorts of titles are more likely to rank you higher in their search results than something less related to your content.

  1. Check spelling and grammar

There’s nothing more off-putting than reading a misspelled blog post with poor sentence structure and grammar. Not only will it turn readers away from future posts you publish, but it will also look highly unprofessional and careless. When creating your brilliant content, make sure to use spell-check throughout and check on any potential grammar mistakes.

By following these steps, you will be able to create excellent content on a blog which draws the readers in. Each of these steps allows you to remain consistent and professional throughout your blogging experience, as well as know some of the tricks of the trade before you have even begun writing.

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