Historic Environment Scotland – Year Of The Young People

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For the last several months I have been involved in an amazing project with the Historic Environment Scotland organisation, in which they have selected young creative people (me being one of them!) to create an art exhibition this coming November. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Invisible Spaces’, as it will be sitting alongside Anita Corbin’s exhibition called ‘Visible Girls’.

My piece for this exhibition is focused upon mental health and is an incredibly personal expression about how my anxiety and depression affect me and what goes through my mind when I am going through a tough time. It is also a piece that comments on the invisibility of mental illness, as well as how some places can be both safe and unsafe. The piece will be an installation, and has so far taken me at least 60 hours of embroidery – and I’m only half way done!

A small group from the project went to speak at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit at the end of August, which I excitedly volunteered for and took part in. My anxiety almost stopped me from going completely but thankfully I had support from one of the project directors and my family. I wanted to make a point to speak about mental illness, how it affects so many of us, and how because culture is all about people, then surely mental health should be a topic that is discussed more and more openly, seeing as every single person on this planet has mental health. I also made sure to mention that I had actually had an anxious episode that morning, because well, I’m just a bit honest when it comes to how I am feeling. All of the speeches went really well and were really well structured and spoken, it was really great to be part of something like that. We all received lovely feedback from those who listened to our talk, which was amazing.

I have a few other writing projects in the work, so I shall keep updating this blog about those when they come to fruition.

It’s quite an exciting time, and I am really trying hard to change my life and change the narrative of my past to a more positive future.

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