Waste Not, Want Not

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Header image courtesy of Helen O’Brien

Since January this year, I have been a part of the Creative Pipeline project, which is “an exciting new programme specifically designed to encourage young people to explore a career in the creative industries.”

I was lucky to meet the right mentor at the right time, as she was able to introduce me to Helen, the Project Officer of Creative Pipeline. After meeting for a coffee and discussing my creative passions, I was quickly invited to join a sewing workshop that focused on upcycling old materials to make something new.

Helen also gave me the opportunity to write about the sewing workshop sessions for the official website about Creative Pipeline (which you can read in full here). Below is a small excerpt from the article:

Through Creative Pipeline, this workshop was a creative and innovative sanctuary, giving each participant uninterrupted focus on working on whichever sewing projects they liked – whether that was mastering how to make an upcycled wash bag, creating a one-of-a-kind handbag, or being inspired to produce a line of zero-waste kitchenware accessories.

I’m really glad that I was able to join this project and am really enjoying continuing to work with the group and Helen on new workshops. Most recently I have attended a social enterprise workshop and a illustration workshop – both very inspiring and full of useful tips and information for potential future projects!

All of what we have been doing so far has encouraged me to think about my future, what goals I want to achieve and what kind of creative work I want to do – and though I don’t have it quite figured out yet, I am certainly more confident about what I could be able to accomplish.


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