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After being asked to create a 300 word biography on a well-known basketball coach for an online sports magazine, I researched, worked closely with the publication to include their specific SEO keywords, and produced a quality article that lead to a series!

“Mike Davis: A Brief Basketball History

Having played at Alabama, but never playing in the NBA, Mike Davis has lead an interesting career both playing and coaching basketball.

Born on September 15th 1960, Mike Davis has been around the block when it comes to basketball. Starting as an assistant at Miles College, he then moved on to help out with the national team in Venezuela. He then moved back to be an assistant to Alabama, but then left to be an assistant for Bobby Knight in Indiana. With some scandal surrounding Bobby Knight, Mike Davis was called upon to become the new coach for Indiana. With some early successes, such as coaching Indiana to reach the NCAA Tournament championship game, things started going a little sour for Mike Davis.

Eventually Davis was fired from Indiana, after having ran out to the middle of the court, and in his last three seasons with the team missing the NIT. However, this lead onto Mike Davis returning to his home state to coach at UAB. With UAB he lasted an impressive six seasons, with a 62-34 conference record under his belt, as well as making the NIT three times.

In 2011 his successes with UAB were appreciated and recognised, as Mike Davis was named the 2011 Conference USA Coach of the Year. With an achievement of 10 years with UAB, Davis has seen many successful seasons with the team, which arguably could be his most recent one, in which he guided UAB to the first ever Conference USA regular season title.

Mike Davis has also made his name into the record books by becoming only the second ever coach in UAB to reach 90 wins in a four-year span. Another notable achievement includes Mike’s coaching of three NBA draft picks. He continues to lead his teams into successful pursuits, so there is no doubt Davis will be continuing to break records in basketball.”

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