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From strength to strength: The Latin Coalition partnership with DSA

As one of the largest memberships and advocacy organisations for Latino small business owners, The Latin Coalition have recently announced that they are partnering with the Direct Selling Association. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) are a national trade association, who represent companies who market products and services direct to their target customers through the use of an entrepreneurial sales force. With the DSA wishing to raise awareness of the direct-selling contributions made by Hispanic Americans, this could be a great partnership indeed.

Based in Washington, the DSA is a voice for companies and businesses that market and sell their products through independent salespeople – a different system to the traditional selling of items within a physical store. With more than one fifth of the 18 million people living in America being involved in direct selling, direct selling is a big business, generating around $34 billion in 2014.

Founded in 1995, The Latino Coalition (TLC) is a group of Hispanic business owners from all over America, dedicated to find and develop solutions and policies that are relevant to Latinos. It is a non-profit organization with offices in California, Washington DC and Guadalajara in Mexico. The Latino Coalition’s main agendas is to empower business and economic development for Latinos by creating and promoting initiatives and policy solutions that will help with economic equality. This can be achieved by partnering with other non-profit groups or organizations of a similar nature, hence the partnership with DSA.

As Hispanic-owned business are becoming the fastest growing segment within the small business of America, it is no wonder why a partnership like this has been made. In order to strengthen their organization and achieve their mission faster, The Latino Coalition now has a powerful backer behind them. With the purchasing power of Hispanic-owned businesses within the trillions, these two entities are both committed to equip entrepreneurs with the information and resources needed to further increase the success of this part of the direct-selling market.

The Latino Coalition have stated that they are looking forward to this partnership with the DSA, as they can begin to work together to provide the tools needed to further enhance entrepreneurial opportunities for the Latino community. As a way of offering upward mobility to a huge amount of Hispanic Americans, it is important for this partnership to work together to keep promoting direct selling as a genuine and legitimate business venture.

This partnership between The Latino Coalition and Direct Selling Association will further strengthen any small business run by the Hispanic and Latino community, which is a fantastic way to create even more jobs and even more people that are self-employed. This creates an even greater venue for the country as well as helps benefit some of the poorer communities, enabling them to grow and flourish with the addition of extra direct selling businesses being created.

With this partnership comes two small business summits being held by the Direct Selling Association this year, with one in Washington DC and on in Los Angeles in California.”

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